What not to Keep in Refrigerator

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pa_refrigerator_notPeople have been using the refrigerator not only as a convenient home equipment for freezing and storing a variety of products, but also as a device that replaces a cabinet, medicine cabinet, breadbox and more. Think about it: Isn’t there a medicine in your refrigerator? Did your mother / wife / sister do not store in it cosmetics and other means to care for themselves? Didn’t you put at least once in your live in the refrigerator bread, thinking that the cold air prevents its rapid stale? But apart from these cases, there is also a variety of other situations in which people behave properly in relation to their household and kitchen appliances, and to its contents.

Here is the reminder of what kind of things, objects and products should not be stored in the refrigerator.

Most people think tomatoes should be in the refrigerator in a container for vegetables and fruits. This is not the case. Cold setting makes mealy tomatoes as moisture away from the fruit and berries internal membranes are destroyed, so tomatoes should be stored at room temperature in a conventional paper bag. In this case, the shelf life should not exceed 2-3 days.

This vegetable is very sensitive to environmental conditions. By varying the temperature at which the stored potatoes, you can adjust the amount of sugar accumulating in the tuber. The lower the temperature readings – the higher the sugar content of the potato. With a long stay in the refrigerator vegetable inevitably loses its flavor, so it is best to store potatoes at a temperature of 50-59° F in a dry, dark place: in the basement, storage room, kitchen cabinet, etc.

Onion – a plant that does not tolerate moisture and low temperatures, so it must be kept in a warm atmosphere and away from anything that can increase the humidity in the room. Ideal option: Put the onion in a special grid (or any other container that do not hinder the normal circulation of air) and hang it from the stream or on a hook in the wall.
In addition, the onion has a very aggressive scent, which is able to harass other products. If you do not want to feel while eating a constant taste of onions in the refrigerator it is better not to put it there.

Bread also does not apply to products that feel comfortable in the refrigerator. Nothing better than bread bins for storage of bakery products in the home has not been invented yet, so the best way to keep bread is in a paper (not plastic!) Package, at room temperature and in a dry environment. Bread stays fresh and tasty for longer.

The reason garlic is not stored in the refrigerator is on the surface, rather in the air. However, besides the fact that garlic fills his gas air around you, there are other reasons why this product is not put in the fridge. Being a plant of the genus allium, garlic does not tolerate being in an atmosphere of high humidity, so better to keep it in a paper bag in a locker or on a shelf in the pantry.

Coffee drink – one of the best tonics ever created by mankind, and therefore it is very important that during the storage of coffee did not lose any of its characteristic taste or smell. Refrigerator, as, by the way, and freezer, form a condensate, which impoverishes the coffee, making it less pungent taste, smell and less saturated, so a jar of coffee beans should be kept in a kitchen cabinet, or any other dry place.

Sauces and Ketchup
Sauces and ketchup (not to be confused with the tomato paste!). Most of today’s liquid seasoning made ​​with preservatives, thickeners and other substances that increase the shelf life of the product, so a variety of sauces that we find on the shelves of un cooled and the shelves can be stored for a long time at room temperature and at home.

Nail Polish
First, it is a toxic substance that alone makes his presence near food is extremely undesirable. But secondly, refrigerator, too, can cause serious damage to nail polish: under the influence of low temperatures is a cosmetic quickly thickens and becomes unusable.
Nail polish should be stored at room temperature away from direct sunlight, as it dangerous for it as much as a cold. Cabinet in the bathroom – an ideal location.

Some manage to keep stocks of electronic power supplies it in the refrigerator, which is absolutely contraindicated. The reduced (and increased) temperature is significantly shorten battery life and increases the risk of leakage of liquid electrolyte contained in these useful accessories.as well as the risk of getting these “leaked” substances on food.

Some Grocery
Finally, do not place in your refrigerator products such as pumpkins, nuts, cereals, pasta and other groceries. Similarly, food stocks are quite comfortable in the indoor environment in which they can be stored for months

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