The principle of operation of Dryers

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pa_dryersIn the snare drum, similar to the drum of the washing machine is loaded requiring drying linen, after which the device is rotated, spending through the hot air drying laundry. The condensate is displayed either in a specially designed tank or, where possible, right down the drain.

The obvious advantage of devices designed specifically for drying , compared with the machines , when combined drying and washing, is the amount of laundry processed at one time. Washing and drying machines, due to design features, only half can dry things have been washed, while dryers are able to cope with a much larger volume.

In addition, fabrics treated in drying ,straightened and require less effort associated with the ironing, and some materials (synthetics, denim) and does not require smoothing.

A variety of temperature regimes, supported dryers, will handle almost any, even the most delicate fabrics mode for gentle drying may not be accompanied by heating, which will provide gentle and effective care of any kind). Users can select either mode , graded on the basis of type of tissue, and the principle of quantitative temperatures.

Today you can buy a drying machine that can perform and additional, highly useful features, for example, to carry out a dusty ventilation or soaked clothing unpleasant odors, clean up things from pet hair or otherwise, does not require washing contaminants.

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