Air Conditioning and Heating Repair

pa_air_heating_repairHeating and air conditioning are the heart of your home. It is also the single largest environmental impact you have in your home. Your HVAC systems consume as much as 40% of your homes electricity and well over 60% of its natural gas. Older, less efficient heating & ac systems or poorly maintained systems consume more energy. That´s why Pace Appliance install and repair the latest in home comfort systems as well as maintains existing systems. Reduce your energy bill, and enhance your health and home. See what Pace Appliance & Air Conditioning can do for you.


Regular cleaning helps maintain the functionality of your heating & AC equipment, maintains factory warranties and also reduces carbon footprint. Choose to call every spring or fall for appointments to save your time and money.

New Systems

Pace Air Conditioning offers the highest quality installation of the latest in home comfort systems including hybrid heating and air conditioning HVAC systems.

Air Quality

Comfort is more than temperature. Our trained professionals install and maintain equipment to clean, humidify, & balance the air in your home. There are a whole host of new and exciting products to make breathing the air in your home a pure, delicious experience.

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