Air Conditioning explained

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pa_central_airAir conditioning – a device for cooling or heating the air in the room.
There is a many types of air conditioners to choose-depending on the design, application and functionality .
Air space problems can be solved in different ways. One must consider the room where the air conditioner is installed, its size and height of the ceiling, the number of persons residing in a given space, the presence of heat-generating equipment, the size of windows and their orientation to the world and much, much more. For example, If the apartment has two rooms, it is reasonable to apply a multi-split system with different or the same power of indoor units. In any case, the selection of the desired type air conditioner best left to professionals.

Split system – air conditioning is composed of an outer (condensing) and internal (evaporative) blocks.
External power split systems are usually located on the roof or side of the building, inside – inside the room. The indoor unit split systems can be installed anywhere, not just on the wall indoor units, in addition to wall, floor may be, ceilings, columns and embedded in the ceiling – channel or cluster. These units are connected by two thin copper pipes in insulation.
The noisiest part of the air conditioner is the compressor. In a split-systems, it is installed outside of the residence, which resulted in super quiet operation.

Inverter split system automatically adjust the cooling capacity in the room (the usual split-systems work only on-off), thus, more precisely to the set temperature, induced lower noise, save up to 30% of the electricity is provided by a large cooling capacity and longer life .
This is possible because the power consumption is reduced when the indoor temperature approaches the desired speed. In this case the inverter switches the operation mode to low power consumption to maintain the optimum temperature without loss of power.
The cost of an inverter split system is higher than a similar, NON INVERTER.

Multi-split system air conditioner is AC, in which a single external power operates several domestic.
Multi-split systems used wisely in the case where the task is to condition a few nearby buildings. These air conditioners allow the use of different types of indoor units: wall-mounted, floor-to-ceiling, cassette, duct, which perfectly fit in even the most sophisticated interior. Each indoor unit maintains the set temperature independently of the others and has its own remote control. Each compressor maintains its indoor unit or group of units and has its own independent refrigerant circuit.
Multi-split air conditioners are the most suitable option in cases where placement on the facade of the building a large number of external undesirable.

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